6 Things to Save You Time When Working with a Speakers Bureau!

Sue Falcone

In today’s world, clients have shared with us that time is of the essence when it comes to planning an event and securing the perfect speaker.

If you are having an event or conference and are planning to hire a speaker through a speakers bureau, then you might be wondering what it’s like to work with one.

Saving time begins when a bureau is approached by a client who is looking for a professional speaker for an event they are having.

We suggest before you send an email or make a call to a speakers bureau you need to have in hand these 6 things that are needed upfront so you can save the most time and resources:

    1. Date of the Planned Event: Without having a date it is impossible to handle your request. Speakers work by a schedule, and without a confirmed date they cannot assume that there is actually going to be an event. As a bureau, without knowing the date of your event we would not be able to ensure the availability of a speaker when a date is set.

    2. Location of the Planned Event: This is important as there are many things to consider such as travel, and confirming that there is an actual event going to be taking place. A speaker may already be close by and a bureau can save you travel time and fees. This also helps the bureau see the planned layout and all that will be needed for them to provide you with one of the most important benefits of working with a bureau, that is being “ridiculously easy to work with.”

    3. Theme of the Event: This is key to making sure a bureau knows what you are looking for, so they can propose to you the perfect speaker that will meet your vision, purpose, and provide the takeaways you expect from this event! This is crucial for a speaker in creating a custom-designed experience for your audience.

    4. Speaker/Talent Requirements: A bureau needs to know what type of speaker you are looking for. Your requirements could include having a published book, being a “household name”, knowing the audiences the speaker has appeared before, awards, level of expertise, education levels, and anything else that is key to what you are looking for, and which will help the bureau easily find the perfect match for you.

    5. Audience Demographics: These would include the number of attendees, gender, titles of attendees, age, ethnic groups, race, and whether the attendees pay a registration fee. A bureau wants to make sure they propose exactly what you have in mind that will be the best person to bring an “experience of a lifetime” that you and your attendees will not soon forget.

    6. Fee Range and Budget: A bureau normally discusses this at the end of our discovery conversation so that together they can see what you will be expecting in a proposal from them. They also discuss the different stages of speakers so that you can see where your budget fits according to the expertise and experience of a speaker.

Once you have these 6 things in hand, it is time to contact a speakers bureau, and get started in creating an event that will be remarkable and memorable and have your audience talking about it for years to come! 

We hope you will consider reaching out to Remarkable! A Speakers Bureau as we are: “Honored for the Opportunity to Partner with You, and Create a ‘Remarkable Experience of a Lifetime’ for Your Clients and Audiences!” Looking forward to working with and for you!

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