Detecting Lies, Fraud and Identity Theft in a Social Distancing and Remote Work World

Traci Brown

Now You See Me….Now You Don’t.  We all said it as kids.  And it couldn’t be more true now in our new work at home, social distancing world.

There’s lots of uncertainty and things are changing every day.  I do know one thing for sure.  When the economy turns down, fraud goes up.  Now is the time to protect yourself, know who you can trust and what those you don’t are up to.

And it’s even harder now than ever.  Why?  Because many people are working from home, with primarily phone and email to connect with their team, vendors and customers.

It turns out that tone and words can be bigger indicators of deception than body language.  The rub is that you have to pay close attention to very fine details in these aspects of communication to get the info you need.  Body language is easier but hey, it’s a new world and the time is now to step up.

I did some analysis on an interview a few weeks ago for Fox 31 in Denver.  The stepmom of a little boy, Gannon Stauch, was interviewed about his disappearance.  She wouldn’t face the camera and wore sunglasses the whole time. The producers said my analysis would air upon her arrest, and it did 2 weeks after I went in to the studio.

It was lots harder to read her and find the deception when I couldn’t see her face.   There’s lots to learn here for people that are now working remotely.  When you tune in you’ll be able to do it.   Here’s the segment:

TIME Magazine has named Traci Brown one of the country’s Top Deception Detection Experts. And She’s currently ranked the #9 Body Language Expert in the World by During these times we are going through it is even more important to detect lies and fraud that come into our home. Traci shares simple ways to protect yourself while we are all social distancing and working and living from home! Traci is available for your virtual and futures events. Book Traci today:

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