How to Connect with Your Audience Authentically

Kenyon Salo

Connect with Your Audience Authentically

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This clip was captured during one of our Speaker Training QA webinars.

Keith’s Question: “Can you speak to other forms of stagecraft and how to connect with your audience without high energy or lots of humor?”

My Answer:

One of the most important things I teach, that most speakers don’t know about, is the ability to understand both personality and learning types when speaking

Keith brought up a great question and maybe you can hear (in the above video) that my tempo has changed, my tonality has changed, and I am now connecting with you where you’re at.

Since you don’t have lots of energy when speaking, you’re probably more of a kinesthetic learner.

Applying Learning & Personality Types To Speaking

There are three learning types:

    1. kinesthetic learners

    2. auditory learners

    3. visual learners.

I’m a visual learner – you can see my hands and how I talk at a high speed.

There’s also the auditory learners, and most of the time, if those people are speakers, they are the ones who are educational. They’re the ones who have a lot of data and they want to be able to share what they’ve learned – and that’s amazing too, because there’s a place for that.

So Keith, I understand you’re a kinesthetic learner, giver, and / or speaker. There is definitely a market for what your speaking style.

When we understand our audiences and understand that our audiences have an amalgamation of these three areas, we connect to our audiences more authentically. One of the reasons my keynote has been so successful is I hit the visual learners, I hit the auditory learners, and I hit the kinesthetic learners throughout the process.

I also make sure I hit the four personality types:

    1. leaders

    2. fun people

    3. family people

    4. data people

For sure, I’m not a speaker that does well in front of a whole room of engineers or attorneys.

Tony Robbins helped me learn some of these techniques back in the nineties, and I continued to read and learn more about this because it’s so important to connect with your audience.

Benefits When You Connect With Your Audience

If you understand learning and personality types, then you can connect with your audience on stage and feel their energy, so you can pivot on the fly to keep your audience consistently engaged.

Event planners will love you for bringing the perfect energy to their conference, and audience members will give you incredible testimonials because they truly resonated with your message.”


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