Ryan Campbell, CVP

What's Your Pink Cadillac? Top International Inspirational and Motivational Keynote Speaker, Author, and World Record-Breaking Pilot

Fee Range: $15,000 - $20,000

Nashville, Tennessee

Leadership, Adventure, Resilience, Happiness, Mental Health, Adversity

What's Your Pink Cadillac? Sought-after Speaker, Ryan Campbell is helping others discover the unexpected, unconventional road to a culture of joy and resilience.

Born and raised in an Australian coastal town, Ryan discovered his passion at a very young age -- Flight. Aviation would be the dominant fixture in the young Australian's life, providing some amazing but also traumatic, life-altering experiences.

At just 19, Ryan became the youngest person and first teenager to fly solo around the world - 24,000 nautical miles, 35 stops, and 15 countries. A Guinness World Record-breaking adventure that led to the title of one of Australia’s 50 Greatest Explorers.

At 20, Ryan became an author with the release of Born to Fly, the bestselling story of a teenager’s global expedition.

At 21, Ryan was diagnosed as a paraplegic following a serious plane crash, where he was the only survivor. Ryan endured 6 months in a hospital spinal rehabilitation ward. What followed was a year-and-a-half-long journey of recovery back to not only his feet but the AIR.

Ryan's dream of becoming a commercial pilot was gone. The biggest undertaking of his young life was just beginning. He was equipped with a special plane, but Ryan never wanted to be a keynote speaker! Following another foot injury that put him back into a wheelchair and then more rehab, Ryan realized the power of what he had to share and it far outweighed his unwillingness to want to share it!

With bags packed and with Doug, his airplane, aboard a container ship Ryan headed to the USA and to Nashville, Tennessee. Through an unnecessary and somewhat irresponsible $20,000 purchase on the week that Aretha Franklin passed away, Ryan became the owner of a 2.5-ton 1960 Pink Cadillac that he named Flo.

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He discovered the power and fulfillment in the things that make you smile like a kid. Ryan now brings the ‘What’s Your Pink Cadillac?’ message to audiences around the world and the response has been incredible. He even brings Flo and flies when he can in Doug. In 2023 his new Bestselling Book: The Pink Cadillac will be released!

Awards, Recognition, and Achievements Ryan has received:

    Received his Private Pilot License at age 17

    Received his Commercial Pilot's Licence at age 18

    Raised a Quarter of a Million Dollars to finance his flight around the world

    Guinness World Record for being the youngest person to fly solo around the world

    Best-selling Author of Born to Fly at age 21

    Named as one of Australia's 50 Greatest Explorers

    Named as Australian Geographic Young Adventurer of the Year

    Named Breitling Youngster of the Year

    CVP- Certified Virtual Presenter by eSpeakers Inc.

He has appeared on 60 Minutes, NBC Today Show, BBC, and has been featured in USA Today, The Daily Telegraph, Australian Geography, The Sydney Morning Herald, and many more...

Ryan Campbell's Most Requested Keynote Experiences include:

    What’s Your Pink Cadillac? - The Unconventional Road to Becoming TurbulenceTough- In today's fast-paced, ever-evolving corporate environment there has never been a more important time to focus on
          work-life balance. How do you bounce back better? Not just from a bad day or tough quarter but life’s most challenging moments. Ryan is a firm believer in resilience - the bedrock foundation for a life of
          success, happiness, adventure, and endless professional growth. One of the most common forms of turbulence is burnout. Let’s step back from the desk to discover your Pink Cadillac and show up better in
          all areas of your professional life! Understand the implications of work-life ‘imbalance’, Find the one thing that makes you ‘smile like a kid’, Find, drive, and share your own ‘Pink Cadillac’ Laugh! And learn
          things about your co-workers that you never knew. This is a journey from adventure to adversity and learning the greatest lesson of all.

    Becoming #TurbulenceTough: Your Ticket to Overcoming Adversity, Navigating Change,and Building A Better Future We all face turbulence,but the secret to smoother air lies in one’s willingness to fill their
          Mindset Toolbox with the tools used to divert around bad weather and overcome change, challenge, crisis, and adversity. Organizations are constantly struggling to find the right tools they need to not
          only overcome and re-invent but ride out the roughest bumps. In this session, Ryan Campbell uses Aussie storytelling to deliver the experience-earned tools, mindsets, and strategies to not only navigate
          today but build a better future.

    Your Healthy and Positive Mindset Allows You to Change the World-One Patient at a Time. Sincerely, a Patient: Ryan Campbell understands the power of the healthcare industry from a unique perspective
          – that of the spinal cord injury recovery ward. Five breaks in his back, a fractured orbital, a shattered ankle, and a complete spinal cord injury at L1 left Ryan in hospital for six months as he began his
          journey back to walking and flying again. One of the largest contributors to Ryan’s recovery was the empowering healthcare environment, and he is now on a new mission to help those healthcare
          industry members who are struggling through their own change and adversity journeys.

"The last two-plus years shook everyone in our aviation industry to our core. In the midst of these unprecedented challenges, we achieved results we never dreamed possible. Ryan's turbulence-tough, Pink Cadillac spirit has played a critical role in this climb. Thank You Ryan!" ~Andrew Coleman, President and General Manager, GE Digital

Ryan's clients include: McDonald's, GE, Fidelity, MARS, MoneyMart, SHRM, Wawa, Gilead, Northwest Financial Credit Services, NCSBN (National Council of State Boards of Nursing), HNI Risk Services, Randolph Macon Academy (SC), Bremont Watch Company-Australia, Westfall Gold, Sprout Social, HR Florida, EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association), Air Force, and many more...

Finding that Perfect Opening or Closing Keynote or Team Meeting Speaker can be tough! Ryan Campbell is a Unique Motivational Speaker that is a Favorite of Event Planners! He Will Start the Conversations that Matter Through a Laid-back, Unforgettable, Emotional, Unpredictable, and Transformational Experience. You Won't Want to Miss Hearing About his Courageous Journey, Meeting Flo- The Pink Cadillac, Doug- Ryan's Special Airplane, Who Will Take You and Your Company on a Remarkable Journey! To Book Ryan for Your Next In-Person or Virtual Event, click Book this Speaker below, or text or call us at 888-766-3155!