Should I Hire an Industry Speaker or External Speaker for my Conference?

Courtney Clark


Do you know what to pitch the media when? Did you know there is actually a process and a timeline? I made the mistake pitching my product for Gift Guide’s in November not knowing that the Gift Guides of national publications close in June of that year. Who is thinking holidays in June? That being said, it’s important to know when to pitch. National magazines are at least 4 months out. That means if you want to pitch a story about summer entertaining, you have to send that in February/March. A Back-to-School story needs to be sent to a national publication in April/May.

Regional publications are two months out so that summer story would need be sent in April/May and the Back-to-School would be June/July. Timing is critical when pitching the media. You need to give them what they’re working on. Remember, we’re always trying to get the “yes!” You want to make it as easy as possible.

Here’s a little trick to give you “insider information” on what the publications are covering. Check out their editorial calendars to see what will be in the magazine. This is used mainly to secure advertisers so the advertisers know they are in line with the editorial content but for those of us pitching the media, it’s a great way to learn about what content they are looking for. Here’s a video I did all about using editorial calendars to pitch.

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