There’s a new “PPP” in town

Gregory (Greg) Offner

There’s a new “PPP” in town…and not applying it to your business objectives will cost you millions!

What is it?

PPP = Produce Poachable People 🤩

If you’re in a #humanresources or #leadershipdevelopment role, you would do well to start Producing Poachable People.

People for whom your competitors would do anything to hire!

❓ “Greg, why should we do that – they’ll take all of our talent!”❓

If that’s your concern, you’re not alone.

The most commonly cited reason for under-investing in training & development is: we’re worried they’ll leave.

But with research showing that:

▪️ Most employees will “boomerang” once in their career (return to a previous employer after voluntarily departing), and
▪️ Most workers will have between 9-11 jobs in their career…

It makes good business sense to produce poachable people.

Create a place so compelling to work, grow and make an impact that when they do see the grass isn’t greener they come running back.

Word will get out about the investment you make in your people and your talent management department will be overflowing with candidates.

And the ones who do leave, and don’t come back, will be ambassadors for your brand.

When they’re asked about their time with you they’ll say things like “Yeah, the culture wasn’t for me but BOY do they invest in their people” 😍

TL;DR: Produce Poachable People – it’s good for business.

Gregory Offner is the “Man with a Million Dollar Voice” having recently undergone 14 surgeries needed to repair and rebuild his vocal cords!  Greg has become an expert at Disruption having gone through this experience that nearly left him mute, wondering if he would ever speak or sing again in public, and what would be the next career path if these surgeries failed!  This also ignited the critical spark needed to transform his work from a “personal curiosity” to a “professional mission” – to help individuals and organizations identify the “one change that can change everything!” Call 888-766-3155 to book Greg for your next event.

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