Virtual is Here to Stay!

Kenyon Salo

I will be honest, never thought as the CEO of Remarkable! A Speakers Bureau I would be saying or writing this post; but virtual is here to stay! Especially in the event services industry, of which I have been a part of for longer than many of you reading this have been alive!

Virtual communication is not going away! Speakers, celebrities, entertainers, and music artists are seeing the advantages of this fast-growing technology and embracing it. 

Remember or heard about when computers were first introduced in Corporate America? Many executives and leaders thought it would not last, and they would soon be back to using paper and fax machines. Sounds like stone age living, doesn’t it? At least I did grow up with color television and movies! 

Once everyone experienced what computers could offer, they embraced it, trained hard, and saw the advantages of the technology. It became a reality for the best future! 

A few years later the same situation happened with cellular technology. The corporate executives who created the technology, and brought it to the marketplace began to think, it was too expensive, not everyone would want it or be able to afford it. After all, who would want to see pictures on a phone? They sold the technology, thinking they would be going back to landlines and leasing telephones and cellular would soon just fade away! 

The early models of cell phones were expensive, big, bulky, heavy, carried in a bag, or installed in a car; but they sold well! The needs of customers changed and cellular was advancing and people saw the need to accept and embrace it! Think of things today, could you live without your cell phone or computer? 

In 2008 when the recession hit remember what happened to the events industry? No longer were events seen as a necessity, but as a luxury that companies, associations, universities, and nonprofits could no longer afford or justify hosting. It was the end of a successful career for some speakers. 

But what about those who did not quit? It was a time of learning what clients and audiences really wanted and how it could be presented in a more engaging and value based experience that people would be willing to pay for. Gone were the lectures, podiums, and marketing and your presence on social media became important! Many of you reading this were a product of those times, and until March of 2020 everything had recovered and was going well! 

Now comes the Virtual World created out of necessity and developing fast! Everyone thought it was only going to be temporary, and would soon be going back to just like it was in February 2020! 

One of our speakers, Award-winning Kenyon Salo was just like you in thinking it would not be long before audiences would be so excited about being back with others and learning in-person, and we would be going back soon to like it used to be. As time passed, he realized that he needed to venture into seeing what doing virtual professionally was all about!

Once Kenyon learned what it would take, he and his team expanded and now he shares: “Live events will bring you virtual events, & virtual events will bring you live events.” But to be a major player in our industry you are going to need to do both professionally to have your message heard!

Others also saw the technology was expanding quickly, the workplace was changing, and they wanted to meet the needs of new audiences all over the world, as travel was being impacted too; and still make the income they and their families counted on. They also had the vision to see that even when they were able to appear in-person it was not going to be the same.

There would still be a virtual audience and not only would you need to be a speaker, entertainer, and music artist for the in-person audience you were going to need the technical skills to either do virtual by itself, and also handle the new hybrid events being created, which combined both.

You might be wondering, how did this happen? What is driving companies, associations, universities, nonprofits, and the entertainment world to embrace virtual and create hybrid events for the audiences of today?

Here is what we found: 

  • Cost– with a large majority of the workforce working from home, (and many will not be returning to offices), the cost savings has been such that virtual is seen as the solution to business recovery. 
  • Time– virtual saves time attending in-person events and being away from work and personal time. 
  • Productivity– studies show that working remotely located is proving to be more productive than ever, so that is where a large percentage of the workforce will be doing everything including meetings, conventions and conferences, virtually.  
  • Travel– virtual saves time, expenses, safety requirements, for the attendees, planners, and for speakers, entertainers, and music artists. A lot of global travel is so restricted that virtual is proving to be the best investment for the world to be involved in.  
  • Safety– with the extra cost of having to provide so many more health and safety requirements, virtual is the answer. 
  • Fear– it will take a long time for a lot of audiences to feel safe, no matter what venues and planners do to attract the large numbers we have seen in the past. Virtual will be the answer for them and our industry.
  • Technology rapid advances– the virtual technology, unlike the computer and cellular technology, is doing such quick innovations that it makes it easier to host, and attend virtual events vs in-person. However we know, it is much harder to learn to do virtual vs in-person, there is an investment to doing virtual professionally and successfully, and the learning curve is much shorter and always changing!  

Now the choice is yours! Are you going to embrace the technology of virtual and do what it will take to include virtual in your total offerings as a speaker, entertainer, and music artist, and be the best at it, or not? Here at Remarkable! A Speakers Bureau, we know Virtual is here to stay, and we are ready to “Book Outside the Box!”

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Sue Falcone, CEO of Remarkable! A Speakers Bureau is a visionary and has some BIG News coming soon for her bureau! She features here Kenyon Salo who is a Top International Motivational and Inspirational Keynote Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Emcee, and Facilitator. He is a high-energy speaker with the elements of a James Bond character and Master of Virtual and Hybrid Events! Kenyon takes the stage carrying confidence, paying close attention to detail, dominating technology, dressing to kill, and always striving to connect deeply with his audiences. He stays cool under pressure while bringing attendees through an immersive experience of what it means to live a Bucket List Life. Call Sue and her staff at 888-766-3155 to book Kenyon for your next event.

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