Ways To Be Influential in the Workplace

Colette Carlson

One of the questions I am asked as a speaker who teaches the power of relationship-building is this:  How can I be more influential in the workplace?  

You already understand the benefits of being an influential person at your place of work. People look up to you, respect you, etc., and this is a trait for which many people should always strive.  However, it’s not always an easy road because of different work situations. Here are 2 points to lead you to becoming an influential person in the workplace.

1 – Be Knowledgeable

The workplace is always evolving. Different techniques and strategies are continually making their way across your place of business and one of the key ideas of being influential is to be knowledgeable about many things.

When you expound knowledge in your place of business you become the go-to source from which people rely on. A rock of sorts who is always striving for the correct answers to different problems your workplace is facing. Being knowledgeable means people have someone to lean on for help when they need you.

Someone who can bring their own influence is a person who listens. Knowledgeable people understand when to share their advice to others as well as listen to the opinions of their colleagues. This brings your influence towards wisdom which promotes a healthy workplace where people can feel connected to you on an emotional level.

2 – Bring Out the Confidence in Others

study by Ohio State University shares how your career path is influenced by the level of self-confidence you have.

It’s always important to have confidence in the workplace. When you are sure of yourself, other people will be sure of you too. Confidence breeds leadership qualities and allows a path for others to follow, which of course, makes you a leader in the workplace.

Not only should you be confident in yourself, but you also have an opportunity to help maintain the confidence in your co-workers as well. Take advantage of these opportunities when you can and people will see your influence.

For example, social marketing entrepreneurs all want one thing – to have their social post shared by someone of influence. When someone shares their blog, update, etc. to a social audience of thousands, if not millions, then they become more confident in what they have just produced.

While you may not be a social marketer, the product of sharing is still the same. Give more than you get. If you felt like a conversation was worth mentioning, take time and share your colleagues thoughts and ideas with others. You can build confidence in your co-workers better by lifting them up rather than yourself.

They will remember who made them feel this way and your influence with this particular person will rise because of the emotional attachment you have just created.

Colette Carlson is a human behavior expert and CPAE Hall of Fame Motivational Keynote Speaker who inspires organizations and individuals to connect and communicate in real and relevant ways. With wit, humor, and sincerity, each of Colette’s experiences weaves together real-life lessons on genuine connection and the tools to leverage those connections for personal and professional success. Call 888-766-3155 to book Colette for upcoming events.

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