Meet Our Team

At Remarkable! A Speakers Bureau we have an outstanding team that supports our CEO in the daily operations of our company. They assure you of receiving an excellent customer experience when you contact and interact with them. From our finance to our marketing departments they are always available to serve you in a timely manner.

Carmen Falcone– Our Chief Financial Officer (CFO), oversees all of our financials, including monthly payroll, tracking of all expenses, shepherding all banking and accounts, and interacts with our CPA. He also organizes all tax information and maintains all records of our talent. Under his financial leadership since 1998, we have never been audited, and with his sound and strategic leadership, the company operates totally debt free. That’s remarkable!  As the husband of our CEO, Sue Falcone, Carmen also brings the fun and personal side to our talent, clients, and those organizations our company supports from the profits of our company! He keeps our team and talent motivated, always has great comments to share when out networking with total strangers, and is happy to bring a surprise when our talent visits our Headquarters. Carmen is a proud U.S. Air Force veteran of the Vietnam War, serving in Security Communications, was a broadcasting major in college, and served as a U.S. Postal Service Carrier for over 40 years. As he shares, “I am a dedicated service person, and leave the sales and booking with clients to Sue!”

Lisa Raymond– is our Broadcast Director. She is the owner and creative genius of Visibly Media in Phoenix, Arizona. She is responsible for our new weekly Live Streaming show, “Simply” Remarkable! Lisa inspires us to become enthusiastic about video, and social media advances and helps us with strategic promotion, content writing, and visual communication, online and/or offline. Through a practical and repeatable framework, Lisa is showing us how to transform our team from surviving change to growing through change. Lisa is known as the “Queen in her organized realm of chaos!” Lisa has 4 children and 4 grandchildren.

Rosie Seitz – started working for Remarkable! A Speakers Bureau as an intern while attending High Point University for her Masters in Strategic Communications. After graduating, she followed her love of horses to Kentucky. She was able to stay on with Remarkable! A Speakers Bureau as a Virtual Assistant and work on social media posts, the YouTube channel, monthly newsletters, and other tasks when needed. Rosie has moved into a Production Management Assistant and continues to help grow the numbers on YouTube and other socials. Rosie resides with her two dogs in Shelbyville, Kentucky, and often visits her retired horse!

Prayer Partners- Since our CEO, Sue Falcone, became a business owner in 1998, she created her business model from one that she knew personally was a successful company for over 35 years. At the core of their business plan, Sue became a part of a group of voluntary people that knew the owners and agreed to pray for the company on a daily basis. She received a monthly newsletter from the company so that she would know what was specifically needed to pray for. Since beginning her own company and following that same format, Sue has seen the difference that having this team in place has made, both personally and professionally. She contributes her success and the success of her talent and clients to the team of Prayer Partners who have been faithful and dedicated to the success of Remarkable! A Speakers Bureau. We thank these people, some of who have been with us from the beginning, for their caring hearts and dedication to the power of prayer. Want to become part of this voluntary team? Just Contact Sue